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Why junk your car with Go Green Auto Recyclers?

For a typical vehicle about 75% of the parts are salvaged for reuse, about 20% of the vehicle is recycled, and the remaining 5% is thrown away. This makes recycling vehicles one of the greenest products on the planet!

Cash in your junk car the eco-friendly way with Go Green Auto Recyclers by calling 317 377 4496 or submit your vehicle information right now by using our free online quote form. Your Cash for Junk Car quote is just minutes away!

What to expect when you call:

It usually only takes 2 or 3 minutes to get a value for your car. To get an appraisal over the phone the car buyers need to know a few things about your car :

Year/Make/Model What city is the vehicle located Mileage (rough estimate is fine) Is it driveable? Any major body damage? Is there a clear title? NOTE: DO NOT ALTER or SIGN YOUR TITLE OVER until the buyer gives you the exact instructions on what you need to do to sell your car. The buyer will tell you how to transfer the title. Any mistakes will VOID the title.